A vegetable garden by and for students

Location: France, Clermont-Ferrand

Main aim

  • Give students the opportunity to garden at the gates of the city.
  • Provide them with skills in organic farming and market gardening.
  • Give students access to healthy food and

Target group


Short description of activities

The aim is to develop a market gardening project by and for students within the SCIC de la Ferme de Sarliève. The project involves different types of actions for the volunteers: thinking and building the project (visits and discoveries of gardens that already exist in France), thinking about the economic model (there will be a salaried gardener, it’s a semi- -professional), mobilize volunteers, choose the products you want to grow according to soil conditions and volunteer commitment, organize agricultural projects, think about mobility to get to the farm (organization of a cycle ), reflect on the processing of food produced on the farm. We decided to develop a canning system using both food produced at the Ferme de Sarliève and unsold produce that we collect every day from organic stores