Reception Days

“Reception Days have made me realize how many services that I didn’t know at first, the University of Granada offers me. Now I want to get involved!”

Location: Granada

Main aim

To introduce University of Granada’s services to new students, and show them the complete offer of non-academic utilities they have access to during their university years and help them integrate into University life.

Target group

New University of Granada students (but also any other student that may be interested).

Short description of activities

The Vicerrectorate for Students and Employability of the University of Granada organizes, as usual, the Student Reception Days. This event seeks to make known to its students, especially to new entrants, the resources, activities and services that are made available to them and to improve its adaptation and integration in the University environment and the city.
The idea is for them to get all the useful information about their non-academic necessities too. In that sense, different stands are disposed so that they are taught, for example, how to change their medical care service to Granada or how to make the most from this city’s cultural life.