HackVU – the birthplace of many initiatives

In the 19th of November, Vilnius University hosted the first ECSTRA event dedicated to creating new initiatives – HackVU. During the event, 20 students developed 3 new initiatives for the University. Before the event, the participants were divided into teams on a virtual platform according to their topics of interest.   

The first is the Green VU idea, which aims to make the University’s environment more bicycle-friendly by installing more bicycle storage facilities and bicycle rental outlets. This idea would allow students to use environmentally friendly green transport to get from their dormitory to the faculty.   

The second idea is a mobile application called Efecto, designed to help students organize their daily routine and thus be more productive. Efecto is a virtual pet that reminds you to plan your work.   

The third idea is how to make the University closer to the students – one way to do this is to make them more familiar with student organizations.    

Using the canvas tool developed during the ECSTRA project, students planned to make these ideas a reality at Vilnius University. The event also attracted the attention of international students, who were actively involved in the development of the initiatives. All participants received prizes.    

And what’s next? To make sure that the great ideas are not forgotten and will become a reality, follow-up meetings will be held with all teams. Each team will have the opportunity to meet with experts in their field of interest and receive a mentor who will accompany the team throughout the rest of the process until their ideas are implemented.  

Want to join one of the initiatives or create your own? Contact pkp@vusa.lt   

Hack VU is one of the project’s activities “ECSTRA: Employability Competencies for Students Through implementation and Recognition of Activities” (No. 2020-2-LT02-KA205-007038). The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.