ECSTRA Initiatives Success Symposium in Vilnius

On the 20th of October, Vilnius University Students’ Representation (VU SR) hosted the ECSTRA Initiative Success Symposium. The organisers gathered active volunteers from more than fifteen various youth organisations to share the lessons learned throughout the ECSTRA project on community empowerment.

In the first part of the event, members of VU SR introduced the main project deliverables – The community empowerment toolbox and Non-formal competence recognition framework. Justas, the Coordinator of programs, clubs and projects, shared how the tools, created in the project, helped to enhance the engagement of youth in the non-formal activities at Vilnius University. Then, Klėja – The academic process affairs coordinator, presented why there is a need for the recognition of competencies, acquired in non-formal activities, and how it could be achieved in universities. Lastly, volunteers from initiatives that originated at Vilnius University shared their best practices and how ECSTRA tools contributed to their success.

The second part of the event was focused on a workshop where members from different organizations were grouped together to exchange ideas on youth empowerment. Besides that, participants also had a glimpse at ECSTRA products, especially ECSTRA Canvas and ECSTRA Community Management Guidebook, from a practical point of view. These products were used as the basis for problem solving during the workshop.

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ECSTRA Initiative Success Symposium is one of the project’s activities “ECSTRA: Employability Competencies for Students Through implementation and Recognition of Activities” (No. 2020-2-LT02-KA205-007038). The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.